Friday, April 22, 2016

This pup is alive and well

Those of you that still catch my blog from time to time will notice my absence over the last what 3-4 years.....?

Yes I am alive and yes still a pup. Some may recall my blog entry "Grand adventure and petty things"   Several developments have happened since, I sadly ended my relationship with my last puppy after a year of " Dating" if you can call it that...The relationship was pretty one sided I would go to Indiana for him but he never came to Nebraska for me, I thought I could make the long distance work but it was too much to maintain. It's not all to terrible though I did find someone new, going on 5 years now, any of those math puppies reading this now will notice there is a bit of an overlap in the years with one vs the other, being honest we were dating for 6-8 months while I was still involved with my previous relationship...anywho there I go droning on drama, drama, drama. Cutting down to the chase my current partner was a Leather Boy that I kicked out the Puppy door.

I plan to get back on my blog soon, now have personal computer that is working...

Woof to all...

PS My current partner is the "Leather Boy" I talked about in my post "It's been a while"

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