Monday, August 13, 2012

New Gear and Leather

My Alpha Dog Persona, sporting my new Leather Hood (Mr. S Leather Woof Muzzle) a gift from a new friend, new collar (Voyeur Creations) gifted to me by my Sir, and my new Leather pants.

Looking Forward to GLLA in less then a week, plus the time I get to spend with my pup and partner Wolfe. However coming up this week Pups second scene and experience with Rubber. Sir Don, a new friend I met through my Leather Boy, has some evil plots cooking up for my Boy and I.

To conclude here are some pics from my first experience with Rubber: a sleep sack,
And my first time in full pup gear down to the insertable tail,

WOOF to all,
Play with you later



  1. Glad SIR likes his new pants from boy they look great on u and complete the entire look. :)

  2. Love an awesome leather pup! Looking fantastic. Would love to meet you in a nice pup pile some time :)