Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Much A Do About Rigging

So yeah lot of exciting things going on in my life right now. First off lets flash back a couple weeks to the last play party I attended, May 12. This was probably my most exciting night ever this month, My suspension cherry has been popped. The night started as a pretty good night I got in a little play time with my local play partner, this was probably our 2nd or 3rd meet up over the last couple months. But he has been practicing his dom skills on me as he has learned new things starting with his Violet Wand then his Tens unit, and thanks to the last play party his new experiments are with rope. Although Pup Play is a primary passion of mine my weakness has always been my affinity for rope, I love being tied up.

So back to the play party after I tried out my rope skills on my play partner for about 30-45min, we left for the play party together. We were excited to know that the demonstration for the night was Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage) and the demonstrator, is one of the only truly certified Shibari masters in the midwest trained in Japan. Guess who got to be the Demo Dolly...

When we got there it was in time for the dinner/social and the second or third rope workshop earlier in the day was a head harness and gag, the demo I got to be involved with was the 2 rope chest harness. After being tied and untied then retied (repeat), over and over again for about 45min the demonstration was done. However, my night had just begun. After the demonstration was done I was once again tied from the waist up, only this time on my knees and in the male version of the harness (female version was demo). Then he decided to toss me around a bit demonstrating what one can do with a tied sub (nonsexual). Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, the rope Master used me once again. This time to teach a one on one lesson raffled off earlier in the day. During this lesson i was tied, untied, and retied once again but this time using three different techniques for another hour. By the end of the lesson the rope Master had tied my arms in front of me and left me tied up and siting down while he finished critiquing the couple who won the raffle. After i had been sitting for a while he made his intentions clear by saying "I want you to stay there so I can keep an eye on you. I haven't decided if I want to suspend you or not." after a while he then said "...as soon as one of the rigs clears up I'll take you over there." needless to say Tail Wagging excitedly.

Both suspension rigs were occupied for what felt like an eternity and all the while I was still tied up being given water to drink or rather my play partner bringing my water bottle to my lips so I could. A suspension rig had Finally cleared up so I was untied to get some food and drink before my suspension while the last couple to use the rig, cleaned it up. I then walked over and staked claim to the rig (a tripod style with a single main suspension ring) until the Shibari Master returned from a short break.

It was Zero hour, in a short bit I will no longer be suspension virgin I thought to myself. The Shibari master returned and my heart was racing, as he tied me up in a lower body harness. after I was ready below the waist I felt like I was once again in my old climbing harness (I used to flat wall climb both free and guided another story). Heart still racing I drew in a few deep breaths as I watched the rope Master prepare the rig for my suspension, attaching carabiners to the main ring and setting up the support ropes. After his prep work was complete, he once again forced my arms into position to tie me into my upper body harness, and before long I was tied up and ready to let myself fall back into suspension. He pulled the ropes tight and before I knew it I was hanging face up 4 or 5 feet off the ground. At some point i dropped out into sub space for the first time ever what only felt like 2-3 minutes was actually15 minutes long enough that the rope master brought me back to reality by asking "okay, are you ready to go upside down?" I said yes. Most unfortunately, I didn't quite make it before my back decided to protest as my chest harness was lowered. At this point it was decided as best to end the suspension and the rope master gave my legs back, which he had at one point tied my ankles together and to the back of my chest harness. then he lowered the lower body harness and support ropes so I was once again standing on the floor. As he untied me he was talking to me congratulating me on how well I did for my first suspension, and giving me some tips on how I could improve my trust with him and my flexibility, so that next time he plays with me I could go longer, feel better and actually have more fun. I'm a very happy pup to know that a rope master wants to play with me again. I can't wait till the next time I cross paths with him.

Got a play date this weekend with my local play partner, can't wait. I will be sure to post about our one on one play dates later for now I'm a bit tired and looking forward to my next three days off of work.


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