Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hey All,

Woof and hello,
Was sitting in my room drinking a Boulevard Wheat, while in a jock strap with my tail shoved up my ass I thought maybe its about time for a new post. So here it goes my followers:

First off in the category of new toys pup has a few. As some may know this pup is now 26 as of May 31st and along with a birthday comes presents. okay so one of my new toys was a gift i bought for myself, an Insertable tail, to be exact the 3rd generation puppy tail from Square Peg (pictured above, inserted). Next toy was bought for me by the guy I call Sir, a very exquisitely crafted flogger made of moose and calf leathers in the color scheme of Red (moose) and Black (calf). This flogger has an absolutely wonderful feel to it both on the throwing and receiving end. Next birthday gift for pup were three new squeaky toys (an elephant, a tiger, and a lamb).

 closer look at the tail

Now as I promised in my last post I think now is the time to talk about my wonderful Sir. He and I initially met in February of this year at a play party sponsored by a local kink group. At the time I just viewed him as someone that looked like they needed to throw a toy for this pup. I don't remember when it was that he and I decided to start playing with each other but eventually we had our first session and since then have been meeting on a semi regular basis. I would like to say our first play date was in mid May. I will admit he has a few years on me but honestly that doesn't matter to me as much as I thought it would. The first couple play sessions were more or less just getting to know you kind of affair, and we both enjoyed the sessions so much that they just started becoming a bit more serious. It was maybe the third play date I basically asked him if I could call him Sir. He is a wonderful man, and a really sadistic bastard, but gives me some of the best aftercare. He loves to play with his gun-ho bratty pup, and I love to cuddle up with Sir after an intense session. Recently our relationship has taken a new turn and seems to be moving up to the next level. It remains as non sexual but has become more of a serious D/s relationship then either of us initially anticipated. Surprisingly he and I are perfectly okay with where this relationship is going.

Don't have much more to talk bout tonight, but with a play date coming up Friday, and a rope expert on hand its bound to be a wonderful night for pup and his Sir. Hope to get a few bound puppy pics to post later.

Goodnight all
*circles three times and curls up for the night*



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    1. thanks it took some getting used too but now i can keep it in non stop for 2 hrs
      been a while since i last heard form you witchdragon