Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hey all,

Life has been a bit ruff lately if you dont mind me saying. It has been quite the rollercoaster ride these last couple months.

My pup and I are growing closer and closer and I'm branching out and tring new things. Sadly a few things have come to an end as well. Worst of all I lost one of my good friends because he decided that I was just like all his "best" friends before me, I will abandon him and forget all about him as I moved on in life. He admitingly is a self-centered, Bipolar, asshole with abandonment issues. He used some information I thought I could trust him with and just spit it back in my face saying, at the end of the night, "You can go drown in your own fucking lifestyle." To clear the waters he was getting more and more distant over the progression of the last several months and it didnt surprise me to much that he decided to sever my friendship. I didnt know he would burn the bridge down between us as he did. He also asked me if I had any Guilt or remorse for the life I would be leaving behind here in Nebraska when I moved on to the next step with the relationship between my pup and I. What he really was saying is that I should feel guilt or remorse for leaving him. I never said I would abandon my friends if and when I decided to move out of state, but when one jumps to their own conclusions ther is nothing good that will come of it.

All that being said, I have had plenty of good times to off balance the bad. Just last weekend I started hanging out with an awesome local, kinky, new friend. I had my first session with a violet wand and a few other things. and will be going back to his place after work friday, to try my hand at topping and with rope. this will all occur before this months Play party with one of the local dungeon groups. I hope for another awesome night. If I get a chance to bottom on Saturday I will get to try out some new toys of my own, I made myself a complete set of bondage cuffs and anklets out of Paracord (will post pictures of soon). I look forward to another great weekend coming up.

Further news this pup gets to go to Great Lakes Leather Alliance 2012 free of charge. I really hope to spend a good time with a lot of my leather friends. Got the weekend off from work. totally excited pup here. I get to see my Beta pup and partner once more and sleep with him once again, a feeling I have missed since I last saw him on Easter weekend last month. Also wish me luck, his parents really want to meet me (or at least his mom is eager to see who her son is heads over heels for. He also needs a bit of luck he will be meeting my parents Labor Day weekend.

Einpup Out

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