Monday, April 2, 2012

The Grand Adventure and Petty Things

Sorry it has been a while, a computer with Alzheimers of the  RAM variety is the most inconvenient of things. My computer is currently out of commission (has been for bout 2-3 months now) but I have more important things to worry bout now. If you are a more current reader you may have noticed a few corrupt posts I made from my "dumb" phone, obviously with all the grand technology in this world a few things are still lost in translation somewhere in the vastness of the communication network.

(I do apologize in advance, I'm currently under the influence of 2 Long Islands and a Kamikaze shot)

Anywho, most of you know that I have met someone, but what some may not know is that over the last three months I've been planning my first true road trip to see him. The day has finally come, or at least is in the near future, I disembark on Thursday and am spending the whole weekend with him. To be completely honest I'm actually giddy with excitement. Already my pup (yes, my boyfriend)  has apparently been bouncing off the walls with the same excitement.

For those in the BDSM community or at least familiar with it will understand when I say my boyfriend has asked me to perform a formal collaring ceremony witnessed by a few of his closest friends. Although the thought has crossed my mind on numeral occasions, I'm still a bit nervous about it. But at the same time I am ready to take the plunge, by Saturday night I will have my very own, and first, collared submissive puppyboy.

As for the main idea of this post, The Grand Road Trip, I have already mentally checked out, my mind has been endlessly wondering. There is a good chance that at least part of me is already in Indiana with him. The last few weeks have passed at a snails pace and seemingly taken forever to pass and finally after several months of waiting have all come down to this, only 2 days left before I meander among the leather boys. My pup is handing down his crown as Indiana Leatherboy 2011 to the 2012 candidate. 

More details to follow as my adventure continues.

Woof to All,


  1. Long time no see and hello there. I love the pictures you guys look so cute together,
    and i do hope your comp gets better or that things work out. and love the drinks you had.

    1. Thanks for the complements on my pup and I. My comp is still out of comission, I is being a lazy pup in those regards. Also sorry i havent posted much about my therianism but i hope to get a post going at some point about it.
      Anywho keep reading, and keep in touch.