Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sorry its been a while

I've been quite a busy pup lately. I'm surprised I actually set aside the computer for a few weeks. This pup is kicking it old school and getting back into reading. I just finished the Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins  (Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay). Great trilogy by the way, this pup gives it a rating of about 3.5/5 paws. Nice quick reads and they keep you attention. 

However, when you finish one thing you move on to the next. In this case the new book in the what am I reading category is: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. So far This book is a fun read if you are interested in circus history it is definitely a must. Even if the circus is not your gig, it gives you a brief history of the circus from the perspective of the workers and performers, while combining good character development, great plot line and just enough humor to make you smile. I will let those possible readers know that it shifts time throughout the story with most chapters alternating between past and present.

Anywho additionally I've been busy at work. Spring is just around the corner and anybody that has ever worked retail knows what that means, Spring reset time. I work in one of those Big Box Home improvement warehouses in the garden center/small engines department. Thus I have a lot to do around this time of year preparing for everything from patio furniture to grills to mowers and plants. I am enjoying the increased hours of actually having something to do since i no longer have school to contend with. Not to mention the bottom line in the bank is nice too.

In Kinky News this is the first month I've been able to attend two play parties. and also I'm stepping out of my normal pup play and experimenting with new things. i had my first cell-popping done last weekend, sucks that its only temporary. Anywho I will eventually get a tattoo of the same design just have more important thing to spend money on right now. 

Another stepping out of the box I will be planning to experience Floggers handled by a good friend of mine, stay tuned and I'll let you know how that plays out. 

Also One of the people at one of the play parties has asked me to do a demonstration of Puppyplay for the group. I'm actually the only one in that group that acts lik mee a puppy in open forum, I admit I'm not the only animal roleplayer in this group, but I have yet to see them romp about on all fours at one of the parties. I don't mean this negatively, people have different interests and different boundaries to what they will and will not exhibit, and I respect that. 

The first event I went to this month (the one that want me to do a demo) was lively, exciting, and everybody was having fun. However the second one, just this last weekend, everyone seemed a bit zapped, and tired, I guess. Although, I had a little bit of fun, this group seemed boring compared to how it usually is.

Thats it for now, i is a tired pup nother log week ahead.
**jumps into bed + circles a couple times + curls up for sleep**


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