Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Introducing Einpup

Hellos one and all and welcome to my digital journal.

My name is Einpup, and I'm a human puppy role player and a therian. Those who may not exactly know what a Human Pup or Therian is let me run a few definitions
  • Puppy Play (Human pup Roleplay): a form of roleplay and a sub category of dominant/submissive relationships, in which a person takes on the role of a pup or dog. The human pup acts like their canine counterpart; exhibiting behaviors and partaking in activities normally associated with those of a biological pup. A trainer/handler/owner (the dominant figure) may or may not be involved in the relationship. Pup play isn't necessarily a sexual play, though some make it so. For many it is a means of letting go and letting instinct take over, and a release of an individuals inner animal. (
  • Therian: One that has a deep inner connection or identification spiritually and/or psychologically to an animal, a totem persay. Therin also refers to a member of the subculture of theriantropy.
I identify spiritually with a canine spirit that resides within me. I may also point out that I not only have an inner connection to my animal totem  but to nature in general. Additionally to being therian I have noticed I have shamanistic qualities that i discovered as nature had a way of finding me. The defining moment is when I had a juvenile bird land on my shoulder and stay with me for a good part of 15 minutes.

I will explain more as I write up my journal but for now im just going to kick off and publish my first post.

Thanks for reading,

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