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Interview With Einpup (interviewed by puppup)

Thought this would be a good way of starting my journal with a couple interviews I did for another pup. i do say the material is a bit dated but most of it is chronologically accurate.


Hello readers, my name is EinPup. To give you a bit of an introduction, I am a 25 year old pup living in the Midwest United States. Outside of this community I have a rather vanilla life I am college graduate. I am certified to teach in the field of Industrial Technology Education grades 7-12, more commonly referred to as a shop teacher. In my spare time I’m an avid cyclist (bicycle) and a bit of an outdoorsman, I also am a recreational sport fencer. I have had one relationship, a Mistress/switch partner. More recently i found a local i can call sir. I am what one in this community refers to as a switch I can be both a dom and a sub, although my ratio is 40% dom to 60% sub.

What does puppy play mean to you?

Pup play for me is a couple things. Primarily I view it as a meditation of sorts. I have always found that pup play, and the act of getting in the mindset, to work wonders when it comes to clearing the mind. Pup play to me is about fun, the feeling of joy that comes when someone scratches you back jus right or throws a ball for you is one of the best feeling in the world. Although pup play is sexual for some pups, or used as foreplay, I view it as non sexual with potential. However I wouldn’t necessarily write that I’m not turned on as a pup when it comes to the right Mistress; I was a bit of a frisky pup back then.

How did you get into puppy play?

How did I get in to puppy play? You know I have always had canine like behaviors and mannerisms. I never really knew about puppy play until about six years ago that my pup like curiosity got the better of me. I don’t know what keyword I typed in but when Human Animal Roleplay came up I thought I’d check it out and suddenly my eyes were opened to a whole new lifestyle (sorry if this is a bit cliché). I had always known about the BDSM community since High School because its kinda how I started, Self bondage, I really enjoyed being bound up and became quite skilled at the art. Mainly just rope and some various odds and ends I found around the room. But at that time I believed that BDSM was only two sub categories of bondage & discipline, and Sadism & Masochism. So I was surprised to find the third sub category master/submissive. Getting into actual puppy play was second nature to me, it felt right. I had already been familiar with canine behaviors and socialism because I have been around bio-canines for all my life I cant remember an extended period of time that I didn’t have a bio pup to play with. Although, there were days of sadness that a lick on the face and a welcome home were absent, most recent memory, four years ago, is the day we had to put down our first Springer Spaniel after 15 years in the family. But this is beside the point, Back to the subject once I had discovered this new and exciting lifestyle (sorry cliché) I bought my first collar, a Black nylon clip on, followed shortly by my first squeaky toy.

How long you have been in the puppy community?

As mentioned before I have always had pup like mannerisms and behaviors. But I bought my first collar about 8 years ago. It was about 3 years ago when I met my 4th girlfriend who eventually became my first Mistress. We were coworkers and she was one of the primary motivating factors to get my computer nerd ass active again and appreciate the great outdoors. Getting sidetracked, back to pup play. Eventually after testing the waters a bit I judged her open minded enough to let her know one of my biggest personal secrets, it was an afternoon at the lake when I decided to out myself as a pup. She was needless to say a bit confused by the concept of having a pup boyfriend. It took a day or two but then she gave me a very special gift (1 of 4 gifts she would give me), a red nylon collar. Then I found the bone shaped dog tag laser etched with the name “Ein” on the front and her phone number and info on the back attached to said collar. Now I guess this would be a good time to bring in the switch component. It was about 6 months into our relationship that I posed another question “would you consider trying this once?” she agreed so I gave her the same courtesy she did with me a collar and dog tag with the name I had given her(1 of 3 gifts I would give her). After this fist session with her as my pup we both rather enjoyed ourselves so we decided to alternate sessions All good things must end some day, she graduated from college about 2 years before me and decided to pursue a career in the Military. She had to move out of state. We decided that distance and military would complicate the relationship so we ended it mutually

Have you attended any fetish event? If not which would you want to attend?

No, I haven’t had a chance to attend any fetish events except an occasional munch and a fundraising picnic for Midwest Alternatives about a month ago. I would really like to travel and attend a Pup pride event in one of the costal states, California, New York/New Jersey, Florida or closer to home in Illinois or Missouri. I have also been curious about play parties but being here in Agricultural Nebraska is one of the most boring places I know nearest play events seem to be in St. Louis, MO area.

How do you get into the pup headspace?

A combination of factors must be in place. First I put on the collar, than comes the doning of whatever gear I choose to use that night. I have a few options when it comes to outfits; a long sleeve/pants, a short sleeve/shorts, street clothes, and or just underwear. If I choose to incorporate any bondage with my play I apply that here. Then the gloves/mitts complete to physical aspect, than I’m ready to start into the mental steps. I clear my mind and take a few deep breaths, and just start letting my instincts take over. What helps is a applying a few self hypnosis techniques, this is how I achieve more of a meditative mindset. And it also helps to have some items around you that help aid your pup space or help you identify with you pup persona for me it is easier to get into headspace with a squeaky toy near by or wearing one of my collars with my dog tags on them. However I also have triggers that cause my human persona to lose a bit of control over my pup persona, these triggers are basically unique sounds. The two biggest sounds that trigger my pup persona to come out are squeakers in squeaky toys, and the sound of a training clicker (used commonly in training of bio pups as an attention getting tool, it is a device that when you depress a metal ‘reed’ it clicks. The resulting click is unique only to clickers.) However being triggered by squeakers is a real inconvenience for me, some of the children’s shoes they have now have squeakers embedded in the sole so when the child walks the shoes squeak. Thus you can see my dilemma my human persona has a rather Vanilla job working retail and some of the customers employ these shoes in keeping track of their kids, Smart for parents not so good for Einpup, it is a struggle but I can usually maintain professional appearances.

Is puppy play sexual to you?

For me pup play is nonsexual for the time being, although in my past I was a bit of a frisky pup. However, now I more so enjoy just the feeling of being a pup and connected with my inner canine totem. At some points pup play is kinda my meditation ritual. The biggest part of pup play to me is the feeling of being able to unleash your inner spirit and for a brief moment be free of all your troubles and stresses of a long day of school, work, etc…

Have you mentored other pups?

Yes I would say I have mentored/trained several pups throughout my pup life. Currently I have a pack of pups I talk to rather frequently, as for mentoring I only have answered their questions as things came up three of them call me Alpha. Most of the pups I talk too are online where I met some of them, and a few I have personally met. One of my pack members has recently communicated to me an interest of becoming my personal pup and is ready to accept a collar when we can finally meet up I hope we can work it out. Back to the point I’ve mentored pups all over the country and some masters/mistresses as well. I’m again a switch and have been on both sides of the leash

What are you favorite toys to play with as a pup?

You had to ask this question didn’t you. Well I am a pup of a variety of tastes I have several favorites. But if I break it down to main categories my absolute favorite type of toy would be plush squeaky toys, preferably the stuffingless variety. Second would be Tennis Balls. But other toys I commonly play with are tug ropes and shoes (dependent upon my mood)

What pup gear you own?

As far as purpose made (Fetish) gear I have minimal. Most of my gear is repurposed cycling gear that has been replaced with better gear for cycling. I also have real dog gear I incorporate in my play including three soon to be four collars and a dog harness and leash. Other types of gear I have is some old cycling gloves with some gell pads I use for my paws. As for my feet I have one of two options either my black on black onitsuka tiger shoes or jus black socks. My overall outfit is poly lycra spandex blend compression gear (two pieces shirt and pants). Other then those items you can also reference my vast collection of dog toys as part of my gear too

  • 3 tennis balls 
  • 2 squeaky tennis ball 
  • 1 plush squeaky toy (dog shaped) 
  • 1 rope tug 
  • 2 skinneeez squeaky toys (Fox and Raccoon) 
since the original posting of this question my collection has grown considerably.
How did it feel being owned?

I will say I greatly miss my First Mistress who also happened to be a coworker and a girlfriend. It was a one of a kind feeling. Imagine that feeling of having a girlfriend or boyfriend when you first met something just clicked and all was right with the world. You feel higher then a kite and have this warm feeling of acceptance and love just sweep over you as they gently stroke your back or scratch you between your ears. I can’t quite describe it in a way that does justice to being owned. But all good things must end some day it was a sad day when I had to say goodbye to my mistress as I helped her pack up her belongings as she was getting ready to move away to Colorado, and disappear in to the unknown of career Military, I know the break up was for the best I would not have known what to do with a long distance + Military relationship.

How does it feel being a stray?

It isn’t all that bad, I’ve met a lot of interesting people that if I was still owned I might not have met at all. The break up between my mistress and I was I think for the best although we still maintain in contact with one another it is just as friends. I tried my best to find another relationship but nothing happened so I started coming out of hiding and on to the online highway, started meeting locals and even joined a couple of local kink communities and although I don’t have anyone I call sir or mam, Master or Mistress I’m still having fun being around like minded individuals. At the local kink meetings I can be the best pup I can be and many people although they don’t totally understand they accept me for who I am, not to mention they know how to interact with a pup and I can have just as much fun.

How did you get your pup name?

The name “Ein” was given to me by my mistress. She presented me with my first gift collar and dog tag engraved with the name Ein. It was a great honor she presented me with this collar and dog tag on our first geocaching date (it was actually the geocache she wanted to find first), we went to the coordinates and found a small plastic box that had the collar, tag, and leash inside. It was a really cool way of presenting it to me as I was essentially tracking it down myself with my portable GPS. I do say I wasn’t much of a fan of the name at first. “Ein” was the name of a Welsh Corgi in the Anime Series “Cowboy Bebop” my mistress was a big fan of the series. When I asked why she thought the name suited me she said it was comparing my pup personality to the personality of this spunky, intelligent Corgi in the series. Then it made since but I couldn’t get over the fact that it was the name of a Corgi from an Anime. Not the most original name but unique none the less. Eventually I got over it and my name grew on me and I really enjoyed it that’s why I guess I kept it after the break up but I have no bitterness toward her nor did she have any bitterness toward me, we still remain friends and she was surprised to find that I haven’t changed my pup name since the break up. So I have been “Ein” for the last 3 years and no intention on changing it any time soon.

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